UK National

Initial feedback from all that saw the product this weekend is as follows

  • Tyre moulds really clean and the tread patterns looking very sharp
  • Nice choice of tread patterns and easy to remember using numbers rather than names
  • Packaging is awesome being able to bag up in sets of 4 rather than pairs
  • The small details on the packaging such as the barcode on the front and the detail on the back of pack really well received, the small attention to detail really makes a big difference
  • Pre glued tyres look like they have been glued really well and no one had any tyres lift at all so a big improvement from the Test versions

My race weekend

The national format in the UK is 2 practice runs, 5 qualifying runs with best of 3 to count, the finals in a traditional Semi-finals to main final format

  • Round 1 practice ran my go to AKX tyre and was just lacking steering
  • Round 2 decided to gamble and run the 201 in soft, car was instantly much faster carrying a lot of corner speed and TQed practice!
  • Qualifying lead to my best performance to date with a 10th , 2x 7th, a 6th and a 4th in round against some of the best drivers in Europe! My speed was noted so much that I sold out of mediums, and I had pro drivers asking for tyres when they are committed to run other brands! My pace was some what also interesting as the 6mik Magma blue tyre is the tyre of choice for oiled tracks and I was the only one in the top 10 not running 6Mik, I found the TZO 201 in medium to be the tyre of choice.
  • Semi final went well with me coming home 5th and lining up 9th on the grid for the main final
  • Main final I suffer with engine cuts at every stop due to an issue with the fuel line but still manged to come home 11th so a frustrating end to a fantastic weekend as I had the pace for a better finish

So in summary I now sit 13th in the BRCA national series with 1 round to go, I have been mega impressed with the tyres and it has been noted by a lot of the guys racing especially as I was one of very few not using 6mik so we have a winner on our hands!