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Tires are the most important part of any race car. No one can win with bad tires against equal competition, as you can't make up for lack of grip. In recent years there have been two worrying trends in the RC industry, A: Tire choice has become too complicated. B: Tires take up an unacceptably large part of racer's budgets, due to the large amount of different types required. The goal of TZO is to help solve these problems.
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Background and Manufacturing

Nick has been involved in rubber Development, Design, Testing inputs since 2018 , Rubber Factory Partner have been producing rubber based products for Japanese industry over the last 30 years, due to a passion for RC Cars, the idea was born to create High Performance & Affordable RC Car tires. So we came up with TZO 200.  Work began, researching the existing products, evaluating compounds, and testing different mixtures of rubber, and different methods of production, as the different methods of production affect the finished product. This even extends to the material and surface finish of the mold itself, and the temperature throughout the production process. The R&D process was extremely long and complicated, but finally after 3-4 years a compound and process was discovered, which resulted in the current TZO tires.

TZO Team were able to find the compounds Racer needed, Nick stepped up and bet on this project by starting his company 200 Tires in USA. Our timing was perfect, and a partnership began, with us manufacturing tires for his new brand. With his roots in Supercross racing showing in the new brand, and his positive and hard working attitude, there is no doubt you will hear about TZO - 200 Tires more and more over the next years.

The first commercial compound that TZO launched with, was actually the 25th version of compound formula, matched with the best in house developed production method. Due to our Factory Partner being in the rubber raw material industry, and production of rubber products, we have a vast experience of the actual raw materials used to achieve a pre-mix of rubber, so we don't have to trust a vendor to produce compounds for us. Thanks to this control of our own formula, we can continue to develop the rubber we use in our tires, all the way through the production process to the finished product. With the help of Nick and his understanding of what racers need, we are able to constantly improve out products.

Easy & Affordable Grip

A benefit of being the actual manufacturer ourselves, is that we do not need to pay a vendor for our rubber compounds, or tire production, and can produce them at a lower cost. In addition thanks to our ability to employ a direct sales strategy, where a large amount of our tires are sold direct to the customer, we are able to offer a very high quality competitive product at an affordable price.

Finally, we want to address the issue of too much choice, and are focused on developing and perfecting a low amount of tread patterns and compounds, with detailed guides for when and where to use each one. We want to make racing as fun and easy as possible for you. We offer all tires pre-glued, on a variety of wheel colors to suit your taste, to make it as easy for you as possible.And of course we offer everything as bulk sets of 4pcs, so you can mix and match how you want, and glue your own tires.

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