Control Tire Event

Why Control Tire?

There are many benefits to making an event control tire, however it is not suited for all races. Local club races, and smaller regional races should in our opinion be open to whatever tires racers have. This lowers the barrier to entry, and that is what we want in this hobby. But for large national, or international events that have people travel to them from far away, it makes sense to use a control tire. Below we have listed the main reasons for selecting a control tire for large events.

"TZO runs a Control Tire Program for race organizers, working through local Hobby Shops where possible. We like to keep it as simple and easy as possible. We will be able to help you run a successful control tire event."

Pros of Control Tire Large Events

  1. Cheaper to travel to far away races. No extra luggage for tires, no stocking up on multiple different tires for race.
  2. Easier to travel to far away races, no need to worry about what tires will work.
  3. The racing is closer and better, less home advantage due to tire knowledge, and more equal equipment.
  4. Lower barrier to enter travel races. Cheaper and easier = More fun!
  5. Additional income for organizer from tire sales.

Cons of Open Tire Large Events

  1. Limited space to bring tires, specially when flying. And it gets expensive!
  2. Tires are not always available to purchase at the events, so you have to bring as much as you can!
  3. Hard to know what treads and compounds to bring, so you have the right tires.
  4. Extra head ache, expense, and raises barrier of entry for traveling to a big event, specially for a family of racers. Not what we want!

Contact with all relevant information: date, location, number of entries (or expected), track surface, typical tires that work.

  • TZO will provide you with a quote, and a suggestion for tire compound, tread and qty, along with an order deadline.
  • Event Organizer / Hobby Shop will be paying a discounted rate, and will need to pay for 50% of the order up front.
  • The suggested retail for a set (4pcs) of glued tires is $40/40€ at the event.
  • Control tires will only be provided by advance ordering.
  • We hope to hear from you soon!

Please check some control tire rules below for reference:


RC2 Control Tires

1 set of tires Friday
1 set of tires Saturday for qualifying
1 set for each main (if driver bumped)
1 free set for main final

  • Each RC2 race will be run with a control tire in order to control costs, and lower the bar of entry. It will be one tread, and one compound of pre glued tires.
  • Tires will be available for pre-order online before the event. They will be available for below market rates.
  • All tires will have to be purchased from RCGP pre-order / at the event.
  • Every driver will be allowed 1 new set for Friday seeding practice, 1 new set for Qualifying, and 1 new set for each sub final. A main finalists will all receive a free set of new tires for the final.
  • Drivers can run any tires they want in free practice. Seeding practice on, the marked control tires must be used.
  • Tires will be marked and checked from the 1st seeding practice round onward on Friday, and will be personal to each driver.
  • Additive is not allowed, regardless of where it is applied.
  • There are no free tires included with the race entry.
  • Replacement tires: Go to the RCGP tent and the staff will decide what to do depending on tire damage and on the racing phase drivers are in.


Tires & Inserts:

All Race tires (Qualifying and Finals) must be purchased from and marked by the EOS Organisers. Each competitor is allowed a maximum of 2 complete sets of tires per class for the entire weekend. All wheels will be marked with special numbered stickers.


No tire additives are allowed.

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