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HB Racing Steering Bushings Set 4pcs

SKU: TZ0014


In stock


The HB Racing Steering Bushing Set is made of hardened steel and comprises 4 top-of-the-line bushings that effectively eliminate any unnecessary play in your HB Buggy and Truggy. The use of these bushings not only eliminates slack but also provides significantly more long-lasting performance than the stock Delrin and brass bushings.
Hardened steel is often preferred over brass for its strength, toughness, and durability. It has a higher tensile, yield, and compressive strength than brass, meaning that it can resist greater loads or stress without cracking or deforming. hardened  can also withstand higher temperatures, has excellent wear resistance, and is less prone to corrosion than brass, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring strength and durability.

ATTENTION: As these bushings have a very snug fit, it may be necessary to apply some grease to work them into the steering blocks.

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