SOS Round 3at Loganville

SOS Round 3 at Loganville RC Complex was a blast. Pops even came to race and it was a relaxed day with him and all the homies. He quickly got up to speed having some night rips Friday night and drove great in the quals qualifying 2nd behind Mark Moon. I made a costly mistake in Q2 and Cole Kasten would snag the overall TQ in Pro Buggy. I ended up taking the dub in the 25 minute main with HB teammate Shay Brand in 2nd, Shane Ogden ended up bringing her home P2 after a ruffff start. We both had a blast and we enjoyed the day.

Absolute Hobbyz came in clutch with the giveaways, so we decided to have a Caveman race, one person on throttle, one person on steering, going backwards on track and it was priceless. We were racing for a KO propo radio, Cole Kasten and I teamed up and wrecked early on. Shay and Makenzi Harbuck ended up taking the win, and gave the radio to some youngsters which was even cooler. Thanks to Chad Phillips for the giveaways and supporting the SOS series.

Thanks to my sponsors for everything, equipment was dialed as always!!

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