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402 Car Set Pre-Glued 4pcs

SKU: 402 Pre-Glued



TZ402 is a great tire, for qualifying and mains, specially on hard packed, less dusty blue grooved tracks. The TZ402 is most often the fastest long lasting tire in our range when it comes to lap times on abrasive tracks.

Ultra Soft:

Designed for loose and loamy track conditions, this tire cuts through everything. It takes away your edgy feel to navigate rough tracks while providing maximum forward grip. It is also very versatile doubling its uses in not only loose and loamy, but works well in a slick grooved track condition. This tire has less side grip than 202 but more overall forward grip for your conditions. Look forward to using the 402 in cooler weather as it’s an Ultra Soft compound.


For a drier track, looking to take away edginess, the SS 402 is a well balanced tire for any condition. Look out for your ambient temperature, but look no further than MANY track conditions for the use of this tread and compound.


Typically used in hotter conditions, to make your car drive more balanced and have maximum forward grip while providing ultimate stability in a loose and grooved track condition.

The TZ402 is a medium pin square lug tire that is designed to work best on grooved up hard packed tracks. It excels on dry high grip tracks. The tire is designed with the lugs close together to maximise the surface area of the tire on the track, but the centre lugs are wide, opening up the tread in order to provide exceptional forward bite, and to allow for grip in dust. The edges of the tread are rounded to reduce the chance of the tyre catching ruts and bumps.

Additional information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1.7 in
Wheel Color

White, Yellow


Hard, Medium, Soft, Super Soft, Ultra Soft